Equipment requirements for the practice of armizare with the group are varied, depending on the level of the member and the activity.  See below for details.  If members lack the required equipment, they will be asked to observe class until such time that they are capable of participating.  The cost is not negligible, but is comparable to other sporting activities.  A fully equipped member meeting the basic equipment and safety requirements faces a cost of approximately $750.  These can be acquired incrementally, but training may suffer if there is a lack of proper safety equipment.  These safety measures will be strictly enforced.

Novice equipment

The novice, upon joining our ranks should have the following:

  • Long-sleeved T-shirt
  • Sport pants (jogging or otherwise, black or dark blue).  NO shorts.  We recommend “Under Armour” Heat Gear leggings.
  • Flat-soled shoes suitable for practicing footwork (martial arts shoes, canvas “converse” style shoes, etc…)

Practice equipment (wooden sword wasters, dagger wasters) are provided, but the member is encouraged to buy his own equipment as soon as is feasible.  After the first semester (12 week training session), Novices are expected to have their own equipment.  See below for the Apprentice training requirements.

Practise equipment

For practise, students will require equipment that varies by level. For the basic kit, you will eventually need:

  • a uniform
  • a fencing mask with back of head protection
  • a dagger trainer
  • a longsword trainer
  • gloves


Available from LMA Scholar Rachel Beauchamp for $85

Head protection

A fencing mask sporting back-of-head protection is the minimum head and face protection required for paired drills.


Our official, approved training weapon for longsword is the Darkwood Armoury ‘Scrimiator’ model:


A wooden training dagger from Purpleheart armoury will give you years of service.


Gloves of any type may be worn, but we recommend gloves specifically designed for the purpose:

Freeplay Equipment

Sparring, or “freeplay” equipment is also available to those wishing to participate, but is optional for practise.

Head protection

“Fiore” Sparring helmets:

Throat Protection

Tindill gorgets:

Wintertree Crafts:

Body protection

Body protection can be either in the form of a home-sewn solution or bought “off the rack,” the gambeson is required for drills done at speed, as well as for any form of free-play.  Several solutions are available, and we currently use products from all the following sources:

Hand protection

Steel gauntlets are preferred, but you must inquire about sources and availability.

Optional equipment

Chest protector (women):


Other Weapons



Steel, “flexi” dagger:

For sidesword, we once again turn to Darkwood armoury, with their Destreza model

And finally, for rapierists, there is the Darkwood introductory rapier, available in four hilt designs: